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Available Puppies

Now accepting deposits for Mini Goldendoodles
They will be ready to go home July/August 2024.
Deposit $200. Remaining $2300 due at pickup.


Betty and Loki

Miniature F1b Goldendoodles. Betty is a standard f1 Goldendoodle and Loki is a miniature purebred poodle. 

Betty had 8 boys and 5 girls on 05/03/2024!!!

They will be ready to go home JUNE 28, 2024

Look below for photos of past puppies from these parents

Adult weight 20-40lbs

Past Puppies

Betty and Loki

betty 3 dfw dallas fort worth puppies for sale.jpg
betty pup dana 2 goldendoodle puppy near me.jpg
betty pup romeo 2.jpg
betty pup romeo.jpg

Past Puppies

Bella and Loki

bella 1 red golden doodle puppy mini goldendoodle.jpg

Miniature Goldendoodle For Sale Near Me

If you've been searching for "miniature goldendoodle for sale near me," and are longing for a charming and compact canine companion, look no further than Warwick's Goldendoodles. These pint-sized bundles of joy are a delightful mix of the gentle Golden Retriever and the clever Poodle, making them a perfect addition to any home. When embarking on your search for a Miniature Goldendoodle for sale near me, it's essential to seek out reputable breeders who prioritize the health and happiness of their puppies. Before bringing one of these precious pups home, take your time to research local breeders specializing in this wonderful breed. This diligent approach ensures that you find a well-socialized and healthy puppy who will grow up to be an affectionate and devoted companion. Keep in mind that the demand for miniature Goldendoodles can be high, so be prepared to act swifly an pay your deposit before the next litter is available!

"We are in-love with our beautiful girl!"~K.N.
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